Banner Style 1

The Inceptive theme comes with two completely different styles for the banner. Style 1 is 100% the width of the page with the left hand side containing the Site Title and Site Slogan and the right hand side containing your image.

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The banner is responsive, meaning that it will automatically resize depending on the device that is viewing the page. (* On the iPhone the image is hidden and the text content is shown at 100% width)

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Preparing your image for ‘Banner Style 1’

Image Size:

The theme will do all of the work in making your image responsive but for best results you should prepare your images to be 700px wide by 480px tall. (*Note: You should save your image as a jpg and use the specific naming scheme outlined below)

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Banner Image Filename and type:

After you select which banner style you want to use from the Inspector you will need name your image using .jpg file extension for the banner to display your image. You will also need to use a specific naming scheme for your banner images

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Banner style 1  = st1-header.jpg
Banner style 1 - Alternate 1 =  st1-header1.jpg
Banner style 1 - Alternate 2 =  st1-header2.jpg
Banner style 1 - Alternate 3 =  st1-header3.jpg
Banner style 1 - Alternate 4 =  st1-header4.jpg
Banner style 1 - Alternate 5 =  st1-header5.jpg

Banner Image Placement:

Once you have prepared your images for your slideshow then you simply need ot drag and drop them to the "Resources" folder in RapidWeaver.

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