Welcome To The Demo Site For The Phlatt(r) Theme For RapidWeaver


The Phlatt(r) theme from Kuler Solutions is a minimal, modern, responsive theme. "Responsive" simply means that no matter what device is used to view your site you can rest assured that your site will look good!

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  • Responsive design
  • Built-in slideshow
  • Use unlimited custom 'headers' via the 'Resources" folder
  • Built on the solid Bootstrap jQuery and CSS foundation
  • View.js for Photo Album
  • Built-in 'Responsive' emulator


  • 5 EC Areas
  • 5 RC (RapidContent) areas
  • Supports IE 8 +, Safari 5 +, Firefox 20 +, Chrome 25 +
  • Built-in buttons
  • 5 Main color schemes (Blue, Green, Monochrome, Orange, & Red)
  • Loads of options
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