How To Set Up A Banner

This page will show you how to use a single banner on your page instead of a slideshow.

Please keep in mind that when using a single banner you will need to be working with an image that measures 1980px wide by 340px tall.

This is very important. If you use an image with the wrong measurements then your image will get distorted and will not display properly.

Step 1

I have tied to make using a single banner as easy as possible by supplying you with a banner snippet.

Begin selecting to use a banner in the Page Inspector under the "Styles" tab in the section titled "Slideshow / Header Image Options".

Next, you need to open your Snippets Library and enter "Primus" in the search bar. This will reveal all of the snippets for the Primus theme.

Notice the images below:

Stacks Image 324
Stacks Image 264
Stacks Image 266

Step 2

Look for the snippet titled "Primus Banner" and then drag and drop it into the "Sidebar" area of the the Page Inspector.

Notice the images below:

Stacks Image 287

NOTE: After you drag and drop the snippet into your sidebar you will need to make sure that the snippet has a 'pink' background. This means that the code has "Ignore Formatting" applied. IF it does not have a pink background then you will need to hi-lite the snippet and then select "Ignore Formatting" from the Formatting menu.

Notice the image below:

Stacks Image 297

Step 3

Now it is time to add your image to the 'Resources' folder.

You should have already made sure that your image measures 1980px wide by 340 pixels tall. You will also need to make sure that you banner image is named "banner.jpg".

If your image is ready then all you need to do is drag it and drop it into your Resources folder that is located in the left part of the RapidWeaver window.

Notice the image below:

Stacks Image 314

That is all there is to it ...

If you wanted to use a different image as a banner on a different page then you would repeat the same directions on each page EXCEPT on step 2 you would modify the snippet to say "banner1.jpg", or "banner2.jpg" etc ... You would then name your image to match then image name of the snippet.