While most RapidWeaver users will find that the REACT theme functions like most other themes for RapidWeaver and will be able to get started out-of-the-box there will likely be some who needing some extra support.
This page will serve as a resource to help you get the most out of the Scoop theme.
  • Using your own custom headers in the REACT theme could not be any easier. All you need to do is drag and drop your image into the "Resources" folder of RapidWeaver.*


    You need to make sure that your header image is named properly and that it has the correct extension.
    Your custom headers must be named
    • "header_1.jpg"
    • "header_2.jpg"
    • "header_3.jpg"
    • "header_4.jpg"
    • "header_5.jpg"

    Your custom headers should be 940px wide by 400px tall (This will assure that the theme will automatically re-size the images depending on the screen size of the person viewing your site)
    Stacks Image 32

    Stacks Image 85
  • Setting up the slideshow is similar to using custom header images in that all you need to do is drag and drop the images for your slideshow into the "Resources" folder of RapidWeaver.

    You also need to add one of the included snippets to the sidebar area to activate the Slideshow

    Things to remember:

    * You need to use the following naming scheme
    • "slide_1.jpg"
    • "slide_2.jpg"
    • "slide_3.jpg"
    • etc ….

    * You also need to use images that have the following dimensions:
    940 px wide by 400 px tall (Using these dimension will assure that the theme will automatically re-size the images depending on the screen size of the person viewing the site)

    * Lastly, you will need to select the "Slideshow" option from the Page Inspector.
    Stacks Image 182
    Stacks Image 95

    Stacks Image 97
  • Your images will automatically be scaled up or down depending on the the screen that they are being viewed.
    You do not need to make any adjustments or use any snippets to enjoy this feature. :)
  • The prettyPhoto lightbox feature has been built into the theme and you can use this feature on any page that you add an image.

    The best way to make use of the prettyPhoto feature is to follow the instructions below:

    Step 1:

    Drag your image to your page and set its dimensions using the built-in Media Editor of RapidWeaver (NOTE: If you are using a Stacks 2 and an "Image" stack then you should use the built-in Image Editor of Stacks)
    Stacks Image 144

    Step 2

    Now you want to add the larger image that will appear in the lightbox. To do this you just need to add it to the "Resources" folder.

    Stacks Image 150

    Step 3

    Now you need to tell the theme that you want this image to appear in a prettyPhoto (lightbox)
    Go to the image and add a link to it using the built-in linking feature of RapidWeaver.
    You do this by linking to the desired image in the Resources folder and adding a "rel" tag of "prettyPhoto"
    NOTICE the images below:

    Stacks Image 154
    Stacks Image 156
  • The "Drop-down Feature" is a handy way of adding interaction on your webpage. You can add nearly any sort of content to the drop-down area and the theme will automatically hide it.

    To add content to the drop-down area you simply need to use the included snippet and then edit or add your own content.

    I have created 4 different snippets that will help you get started using the drop-down area. (Notice the image below). Just drag and drop one (just one) of these snippets into the sidebar area of the Page Inspector
    Stacks Image 158

    Stacks Image 160
    Now all you need to do is to edit my sample content with your own content ….
    Oh yeah, you need to hi-light the text and select "Ignore Formatting" from the "Format" menu so that the snippet has a pinkish background.
    Stacks Image 166
  • Creating columns in the footer area is really simple when you use one of the included "EC4" snippets. You should use these snippets the same way that you would use any other EC snippet.
    REMEMBER to highlight the code and select "Ignore Formatting" from the Format menu.

    Stacks Image 168
  • The REACT theme has a built-in Twitter feed for those of you that use Twitter. All you need to do use the included snippets.
    The "Twitter Script" snippet goes in the "Javascript" box of the Page Inspector and the "Twitter HTML" snippet goes wherever you want your twitter stream to appear. (Content area or sidebar area)
    Stacks Image 170

    Add Your Twitter Handle (username)

    Once you add the Twitter Script snippet to the Javascript window of the Page Inspector you will need to change the "id" to your Twitter handle.
    Stacks Image 176

    Place Your Twitter Stream On Your Page

    now you just need to place your Twitter stream onto your page. You do this by dragging and dropping the "Twitter HTML" snippet either into your sidebar or content area.

    Stacks Image 180
  • The REACT theme comes with buttons that can be used on any page. To use these buttons you should review the information on this page: REACT BUTTONS

Things You Should Know

  • 99% of layout issues come as a result of a user copying and pasting some content into their page and forgetting to highlight the text (or code) and select "Ignore Formatting" from the Format menu.
  • Even snippets (most of them) should have the formatting ignored when using them
  • Applying "links" to text or images is done the same way in all themes, regardless of the developer. RapidWeaver has a neat feature that simply lets you highlite the text or image and add a link to it using the built in linking feature.
  • If you are having publishing problems it is not the themes fault. Themes do not have anything to do with how fast or slow a web project gets published. (File sizes and number notwithstanding)
  • This theme uses the very popular jQuery javascript framework throughout the theme. If you are designing your website in an environment where internet connectivity is not available there are some features (like the slideshow and the twitter feed) that will not work in Preview mode. This is not a bug, as soon as you connect back to the internet you will be able to view these features in Preview mode.
  • The "Resources" folder is a feature that is specific to RapidWeaver 5. If you are still using RapidWeaver 4 or below you will not have a "Resources" folder.