Will this stack work on my server?

Apache servers are what the majority of the worlds websites use and the Kuler Edits stack works on Apache servers. If you are using a Windows 2012 or IIS server then the stack might work, but no guarantees.

Do I need to set-up a database?


What browsers does this stack work with?

To make edits in your browser you will need to be using a modern browser. The latest versions of most all browsers will do just fine (Firefox 26+, Chrome 31+, Safari 7+, IE9.5+ (Better with IE10+), & Opera 23+)

What version of RapidWeaver does this stack work with?

RapidWeaver 5.3+ ... and should work just fine in RapidWeaver 6+

What version of the Stacks plugin does this stack work with?

I am using Stacks version 2.6.1 and it should work just fine going forward. I recommend everyone to use the latest version of the Stacks plugin from Yourhead.com/stacks

Can I use more than one 'Edits' stack on the same page?


Does my client have to own RapidWeaver?


What html tags does the 'codeview' support?

A lot of them!
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