Frequently Asked Questions

If you find that you are having trouble getting the Edits stack to work then you should take a few minutes and read through these frequently asked questions.

Will this stack work on my server?

Kuler Edits works very well on Apache servers and IIS servers (Windows Server 2008 R2+) *

(Support for Windows servers is sketchy. Many user have reported they use the stack with success on Windows servers and others report that they can not get it to work on Windows servers)

You need to make sure that you server is running PHP 5.3+ and that you have "magic_quotes" turned off in your php.ini file. You may need to contact your Webhost and ask them to turn off magic quotes for you.

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Do I need to set-up a database?


Do I need to chmod any folders?

For 99.9% of you, you will not need to worry about setting permissions on any folders. However, IF you are running the Kuler Edits stack behind some super strict firewall, you MAY find that you need to change the permissions on the folder that the stacks files are stored in.

Folder permissions need to be at least 724 (Notice the image below:)
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What browsers does this stack work with?

To make edits in your browser you will need to be using a modern browser. The latest versions of most all browsers will do just fine (Firefox 26+, Chrome 31+, Safari 7+, IE9.5+ (Better with IE10+), & Opera 23+)

What version of RapidWeaver does this stack work with?

RapidWeaver 6+

What version of the Stacks plugin does this stack work with?

You should be using at least Stacks version 3.0 or higher. I recommend everyone to use the latest version of the Stacks plugin from

Can I use more than one 'Edits' stack on the same page?


Will my content disappear if I "Republish All Files"?

No way, that would not be cool!
When you first publish your page, the stack will create a folder on your server and create a new text file in that folder. All of the edits that you make get converted to html and stored in that text file. The good news is that RapidWeaver doesn't even know this folder exists and it can never overwrite it. The only way it can disappear is if you clean out your web directory and delete it manually.

Does my client have to own RapidWeaver?


Does this stack work on sites hosted with GoDaddy?

Both yes and no.
GoDaddy offers users the ability to host their websites with either a Linux / Apache server with cPanel or a Windows server with Plesk. The Kuler Edits stack will only work properly for websites that use the Apache web server.

So if you use GoDaddy and your site is using Windows server then the Kuler Edits stack will not work for you. While the stack DOES work on Windows servers, for some reason they do not work on Windows servers hosted by GoDaddy.

If you use GoDaddy and your site is hosted with a Linux Apache server then the Kuler Edits stack WILL work for you.

As with other hosting companies, you need to make sure your GoDaddy hosted site uses Php 5.3+ and that you have magic_quotes turned off.

What html tags does the 'codeview' support?

A lot of them!