Updating to version 2.0

This page contains information that help you safely update from version 1 to version 2

Version 2 is a free update to all current users of version 1 and will be available via the auto update when it is ready. I have tried really hard to make migrating to version two as easy as possible but there is some information that you need to know before you update.

Stacks 3 ONLY

Version 2 will ONLY work with Stacks 3. Before you update to version 2 of the Edits stack you will be to update to version 3 of the Stacks plugin.

NOTE: Edits version 2 will not even be visible in the Stacks 2 library.

Images are stored differently

Whenever you added an image in version 1 the stack would convert that image into base64 code and your browser would then do the dirty work of decoding that code and displaying the image. If you used large images or even more than a few images then this process would really tax your system and sometimes would result in a spinning beachball.

Version 2 handles images much better. Instead of converting an image into code it actually uploads the image to a folder on your web server and references that image using html. The result is much faster page loads, faster editing and saving, and proper syntax.

You can safely update the stack from version 1 to version 2 without loosing any data or images. However, I STRONGLY recommend that after you update the stack to version 2 you go back and re-add any images to your editable area. This will take advantage of the new image upload feature and you will be pleased with the speed difference.

You will need to Re-Publish All Files

After you have updated to version 2 you will have to "Re-Publish All Files" in order for all of the new features to be available on your website.

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