Kuler Edits Demo Site

Kuler Edits v2 is currently in beta stage. An announcement will be made here as soon as it is available.

The Kuler Edits stack will allow you to add a section to your webpage that is editable by you, or a client from a web browser. No need to install a full fledged CMS with a bunch of features that you will never use. All you need is one single stack ... the Kuler Edits stack.

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Editing is easy ...

The Kuler Edits stack will provide you or your client a nice and uncluttered text editor. All you have to do is enter your content, save your changes, and comment to yourself about how easy that was.

Your edits can be made in Rich Text mode or if you are in to html you can opt for code view mode Either way, its easy peasy!
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Editing is secure ...

You can set the username and password to each Kuler Edits stack making it virtually impossible for the wrong people make edits to the wrong content.

The username and password are securely stored in a secret file that is checked when someone tries to log-in to make edits.

Editing is personal ...

The Kuler Edits stack leaves the personal touches to you. You can use the default settings or you can change the labels to suit your needs.

Float the edit button to the left, to the right, or remove the edit button completely ... its up to you!

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Editing is just editing ...

The Kuler Edits stack was designed so that the content uses minimal styling. What this means is that the edits that you make will inherit the styling of the theme you are using. Your content will look like it was added via RapidWeaver, it will flow with the rest of your site.