• No. This stack functions very similar to the “File Sharing” page style that comes built-in to RapidWeaver. The main difference being that you can use it on a Stacks page and that it offers much more customization (colors, icons).
  • Because most modern browsers have the ability to read and interpret many file types, you might find it best to compress your file first.
    Compressing your file is as easy as right clicking (control + click) the file and selecting “Compress …” from the contextual menu. This will compress the file a bit and add a .zip file extension. The .zip file extension tells all browsers to download the file instead of opening the file.

    An added bonus to compressing your files is that they are reduced in size and will upload and download in a shorter amount of time.

  • This depends on you … if you only have a few files you want share and they are not that big (1Mb or less) then you might find it easier to use the ‘Resources’ stack. However, if you have a lot of files that you want to share and some of them are larger that 1-2Mb then you might consider storing them on Dropbox or Amazon S3 and using the URL stack.

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