• This stack give you the ability to use the FontAwesome icons to your page. All it does is add the appropriate css to your page so that you can add the icons without having to worry about connecting to the FontAwesome files.

    The stack does not add the icons it adds the ability for you to add them to your page.
  • The stack gives you the ability to add the icons to your page. If you want to customize them then you can easily do so via the custom css inspector by adding your own css to size and color them.

    So, lets say for example that you wanted to add a globe to your page and you wanted that globe to be a color of blue. You could use the following code:
    <i class="fa fa-globe"></i>

    This code will produce this:

    Now, let’s add a class of “blue” to the icon like this:
    <i class="fa fa-globe blue"></i>

    and then add some custom css to the CSS box via the Inspector
    .blue{ color: #0789d4; }

    Now you will see this:

    Now, let’s suppose that you want to make the icon bigger … You can add another class name to the icon and then add some custom styling like this:

    <i class="fa fa-globe blue xxl"></i>

    and then add some more css to the Custom CSS box via the Inspector
    .xxl{ font-size: 100px !important;}

    This will produce:
  • This stack inherits the styling of the theme that is being use. So, if you are using a responsive theme then this stack inherits those styling rules … unless you overwrite them using your own custom css.

    NOTE: Using the custom css box via the Inspector to change the color and size of the icons WILL NOT override your themes responsive rules.
  • While it is impossible to test this stack on every third party theme, it has been tested on more than 300 themes and worked just fine on each of them.
    It should work on your theme too.
  • If you feel comfortable adding a little html throughout your stacks page then you will probably find this stack useful.

    If you want absolutely nothing to do with adding html to your page then this stack might not be for you.

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