Instructions For Using The "Lightbox-it" Stacks Set

  • Installing the "Lightbox-it" stacks is very easy and done the same way that you install most stacks for RapidWeaver. If you are new to RapidWeaver or the Stacks plugin then you can follow these instructions:

    1. Find the "Lightbox-it.dmg" file that you downloaded after your purchase. Most likely this file will be located in your "Downloads" folder. Once you have found the "Lightbox-it.dmg" file then you should double click it to open it.
    2. After you double click the "Lightbox-it.dmg" it will open a new window that looks like the image below:


    Just double slick on the stack icon and the stack will install.


    3. Once you re-start RapidWeaver you will be able to see the stacks in your Stacks Library (Notice the image below)

    Stack Elements

  • After you have installed the stacks AND re-started RapidWeaver you should be able to see the stacks in your Stacks library.
    The stacks you are looking for have been grouped together under the "Kuler Solutions" tab.
    Stacks Image 494
  • You will see a total of 5 Lightbox-it stacks in your library.
    • Base
    • Youtube
    • Vimeo
    • Gallery and
    • Resource

    To add the lightbox feature to your stacks page you will need to add 1 (ONLY 1) of the "Base" stacks to your page. Remember to ONLY add 1 of the Base stacks to your page.


    After you add one (1) "Base" stack to your page then you can add some of the other "Lightbox-it" stacks to your page.
  • When you add the "Base" stack to your page you will see the ability to choose between themes in the settings pane (to the right of the screen in edit mode).
    Just select on of these themes and then all of your lightbox windows will have a nice uniform look and feel.
    lbi12 lbi13
  • Using the Youtube & Vimeo stacks is very simple. All you need to do is:

    • Be sure that you have added one (1) Lightbox-it - Base" stacks to your page. If you do not ad the Lightbox-it Base stack to your page then the lighbox will not work.
    • After you have added the Base stack then add the Lightbox-it Youtube stack tot he page and and add the proper video ID to the Inspector
    • Add a thumbnail image to the image well so people will see that there is a video that needs to be played

    lbox-youtube-a yt2

    Stacks Image 500
  • Using the "Lightbox-it Image Gallery" stack is very simple and uses the buil-in linking feature of RapidWeaver and the Stacks plugin.
    To use the "Lightbox-it Image Gallery" stack you simply need to add it to your Stacks page.

    Stack Elements

    When you add it to your page you will see an empty stack with a default of 4 image place holders. (You can increase or decrease the number of images in the gallery by using the input field in the Inspector)


    The image placeholders are where you put your thumbnail images (Or you can put your actual full-size image there and then just scale it down to a smaller size for a thumbnail)


    Then you want to drag and drop your full-sized images into your "Resources" folder and link your thumbnail images to the full sized images.



  • The purpose of the "Lightbox-it - Resources" stack is to allow you to display html content in a lightbox.
    All you need to do is add the html file to your "Resources" folder and then add the file name to the Inspector.

    Stacks Image 119
    Stacks Image 123
    The end result will be a nice looking button that when clicked will display the file in a lightbox!