• Yes! Your database MUST be a MySQL database. This stack is not designed to work with Microsoft SQL or PostgreSQL databases.
  • You can use 'localhost' as your server address or you can use the actual ip address for your server.
    Using 'localhost' will mean that you will not be able to view your content in Preview mode but only when published.
    Using the actual ip address of your web server may let you see your content in Preview mode, provided that your database is set up to allow for "Remote Viewing" (You will need to check with your hosting provider to see if they offer this as a feature for you).
  • This depends on wether or not your database allows for "Remote Viewing". You hosting provider should be able to let you know if your hosting plan allows for remote viewing of databases. Otherwise, your content will not be viewable until the page gets published.
  • The 'Base Table' stack is responsive and work very nicely on mobile devices of all types.
    The 'Base Div" stack merely displays content. IF you are using a responsive theme then the content displayed will inherit the responsive rules of the theme. If your theme is not responsive then the content of the stack can not be responsive.

    If you want to make sure that your content is responsive then I highly recommend using a responsive theme.
  • The username and password used to connect the stack to your database is hidden in a special php file on your server. It does not appear in web page at all.
  • I have tested this stack on nearly one-hundred themes and it has worked perfectly on all of them. There may be some strange use case where a conflict arises but you can safely assume that the stack will work with all modern themes.
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